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Table 2 Selected publications and findings on dog health based on Banfield Pet Hospital clinical data

From: Approaches to canine health surveillance

Topic Study period Reference
Gonadectomy, is a risk factor for obesity 1998-2010 Lefebvre et al. [106]
Vaccine-associated adverse events, multiple vaccines doses administered per visit increased risk 2002-2003 Moore et al. [107]
Tick infestation, younger, male and sexually intact dogs at increased risk 2002-2004 Raghavan et al. [108]
Periodontal disease, associated with cardiovascular-related conditions 2002-2006 Glickman et al. [109]
Periodontal disease, positive association with the incidence of azotaemic CKD 2002-2008 Glickman et al. [110]
Nematode parasitism, age, body weight, sex, breed and geographic region were risk factors 2003-2006 Mohamed et al. [111]
Tick infestation, systematic monitoring of veterinary and human medical data can improve detection in tick activity 2006-2007 Rhea et al. [103]
Pancreatitis, prevalence of 23 per 10,000 patients 2006 Lewis [112]
Demodicosis, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Chinese Shar-pei at highest risk 2006 Plant et al. [105]
Atopic dermatitis, 1.7% prevalence 2007 Lund [113]
Castration, 64% prevalence 2007 Trevejo et al. [114]
Environmental monitoring, methods using veterinary records require further development 2006 Maciejewski [115]