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Table 1 Genes associated with inherited eye disorders in the domestic dog

From: The genetics of eye disorders in the dog

Disease Locus or abbreviation Gene Breed Reference
Cone-rod dystrophy CRD3 ADAM9 Glen of Imaal terrier [53, 54]
Primary open angle glaucoma POAG ADAMTS10 Beagle [147]
Primary lens luxation PLL ADAMTS17 Multiple, mainly terrier breeds [129, 132]
Rod cone degeneration RCD4 C2orf71 Gordon Setter, Irish Setter, Tibetan Terrier [30]
Generalised progressive retinal atrophy gPRA CCDC66 Schappendoes [28]
Progressive retinal atrophy PRA CNGB1 Papillon [15, 17]
Cone degeneration CD CNGB3 Alaskan malamute [68]
Cone degeneration CD CNGB3 German shorthaired pointer [69]
Dwarfism with retinal dysplasia (oculoskeletal dysplasia) DRD2 (OSD2) COL9A2 Samoyed [90]
Dwarfism with retinal dysplasia (oculoskeletal dysplasia) DRD1 (OSD1) COL9A3 Labrador retriever [90]
Hereditary cataract HC, EHC HSF4 Staffordshire bull terrier, Boston terrier, French bulldog [103]
Hereditary cataract HC HSF4 Australian Shepherd [107]
Collie eye anomaly CEA NHEJ1 Collies [91]
Cone-rod dystrophy   NPHP4 Standard wirehaired dachshund [49]
Photoreceptor dysplasia PD PDC Miniature schnauzer [13]
Rod cone dysplasia RCD1 PDE6B Irish setter [2]
Rod cone dysplasia RCD1 PDE6B Sloughi [3]
Rod cone dysplasia RCD3 PDE6A Cardigan Welsh corgi [4]
Progressive rod-cone degeneration PRCD PRCD Multiple breeds [23]
Rod cone dysplasia RCD2 RD3 Collie [7]
Autosomal dominant progressive retinal atrophy ADPRA RHO English mastiff [24]
Congenital stationary night blindness CSNB RPE65 Briard [58, 59]
X-linked progressive retinal atrophy XLPRA2 RPGR Mixed breed dogs [18]
X-linked progressive retinal atrophy XLPRA1 RPGR Siberian Husky, Samoyed [18]
Cone-rod dystrophy CORD1 (CRD4) RPGRIP Dachshunds [38]
Early retinal degeneration ERD STK38L Norwegian elkhound [11]
Canine multifocal retinopathy CMR1 VMD2/BEST1 Great Pyrenees, English Mastiff, and Bullmastiff dogs [74]
Canine multifocal retinopathy CMR2 VMD2/BEST1 Coton de Tulears [74]
Canine multifocal retinopathy CMR3 VMD2/BEST1 Lapponian Herder [75]