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Figure 1

From: The challenges of pedigree dog health: approaches to combating inherited disease

Figure 1

Grouping of purebred dog breeds. The 215 breeds recognized by the UK Kennel Club are classified into 7 groups, designated by the original function of the breed. The sizes of the sectors of the pie chart represent the number of breeds within each group category. The Hound Group includes dogs used for hunting. The Gundog Group includes dogs used for hunting game birds, scent tracking and retrieving game. The Terrier Group are dogs used to catch vermin or foxes. The Utility Group are dogs that were traditionally used for working or guarding, but today they are largely companion animals. The Working Group are dogs used for both hunting, drafting and guarding. The Pastoral Group includes dogs used for herding and guarding. The Toy Group are companion animal dogs due to their small size.

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