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Table 5 Final multivariable logistic regression model with brachycephalic status as the factor of primary interest for association with diagnosis with at least one upper respiratory tract disorder in dogs attending primary-care veterinary practices in England

From: Epidemiological associations between brachycephaly and upper respiratory tract disorders in dogs attending veterinary practices in England

Variable Category Odds ratio 95 % CI P-valuea
Brachycephalic status Moderate and non-brachycephalic Base   
  Extreme brachycephalic 3.5 2.4–5.0 < 0.001
Bodyweight tertiles within groups High Base   (< 0.001)
  Mid 1.1 0.7–1.9 0.612
  Low 1.8 1.1–2.9 0.016
  No recorded bodyweight 0.6 0.4–1.0 0.057
Insurance Non-insured Base   
  Insured 1.8 1.2–2.7 0.003
  1. aFor variables with >2 categories, the overall P-value is shown in brackets