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Table 4 Regions implicated by GISTIC analysis represent regions relevant to neoplasia

From: A cultured approach to canine urothelial carcinoma: molecular characterization of five cell lines

Genomic region Aberration Q-Bound G-Score
chr10:13,614,516-14,400,849 CN Gain 8.22E-06 9.606238
chr10:17,743,915-20,676,296 CN Loss 0.02737 7.847499
chr10:44,389,882-71,751,790 CN Gain 0.005379 5.952698
chr10:5,318,483-7,102,150 CN Gain 0.005379 5.990278
chr13:3,033,844-66,047,830 CN Gain 0.005379 5.576475
chr36:22,492,857-25,421,734 CN Gain 0.005379 5.578811
chr38:3,874,100-4,368,891 CN Gain 0.005379 5.403421
  1. Minimum regions of shared aberration among cell lines are shown, as well as the called aberration (CN copy number), Q-bound, and G-score. The G-score reflects the frequency as well as magnitude of the aberration in the cohort, while the Q-bound indicates significance. The most notable regions were located on CFA10, CFA13 and 36; gains of CFA13 and 36 are of diagnostic relevance in primary UC and were similarly aberrant in cell lines