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Fig. 3

From: An autosomal recessive mutation in SCL24A4 causing enamel hypoplasia in Samoyed and its relationship to breed-wide genetic diversity

Fig. 3

Internal relatedness (IR) scores for 182 Samoyeds from various regions of the world (solid line). The IR scores were also adjusted (dashed line) to reflect the amount of genetic diversity present in village dogs of the world that is still retained in contemporary Samoyed. The two graphs would be superimposed if Samoyed and village dogs were totally related and completely separate if there was no genetic relationship. The light-shaded area reflects the degree of genetic relatedness of Samoyed to village dogs based on allele sharing at the 33 autosomal STR loci (43%), while thee dark shaded area is a measure of non-relatedness (57%) or potential genetic diversity lost during breed evolution

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