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Table 4 Human lumbar spinal stenosis candidate genes and location in canine genome

From: Lumbosacral stenosis in Labrador retriever military working dogs – an exomic exploratory study

Human LSS Candidate genes Human Musculo-skeletal diseases associated with Human LSS Homo sapiens Chromosome number Canis familiaris Chromosome number Canine gene NCBI Gene ID Canine Gene Validation Status
COL1A1 LSS 17 CF 9 403,651 Provisional
COL1A2 LSS, OI, EDS 7 CF 14 403,824 Provisional
COL2A1 OA, LSS 12 CF 27 403,826 Provisional
COL9A1 OA, LSS 6 CF 12 481,873 Model
COL9A2 OA, LSS, DDD 1 CF 15 607,609 Validated
COL9A3 OA, LSS, DDD 20 CF 24 612,430 Validated
COL11A1 OA, LSS 1 CF 6 100,685,969 Model
COL11A2 OA, LSS, DDD, OPLL 6 CF 12 481,734 Model
VDR DDD, LSS 12 CF 27 486,588 Model
MMP-3 DDD, LSS 11 CF 5 403,445 Provisional
  1. List of human LSS candidate genes, based on previous studies. Also listed are the human diseases associated with human LSS, human gene chromosome number, chromosome number of the canine orthologue, NCBI gene ID and validation status of the canine gene
  2. Legend: CF canis familiaris, LSS lumbar spinal stenosis, OA osteoarthritis, EDS Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, OPLL ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament, OI osteogenesis imperfecta, DDD degenerative disc disease, COL(x)A(y) collagen type (x) alpha (y), MMP-3 matrix metallo-peptidase 3, VDR vitamin D receptor