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Table 1 Six overall themes for the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop in 2017 in Paris, France

From: Moving from information and collaboration to action: report from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, Paris in April 2017

Theme Session leader(s)
(number of participants)
Breed-specific health strategies: needs and opportunities; innovations, nationally and internationally. Helena Skarp, Sweden; Ian Seath, UK; Gregoire Leroy, France. (34)
Exaggerations and extremes in dog conformation: health, welfare and breeding considerations; latest national and international efforts. Åke Hedhammar, Sweden; Rowena Packer, UK; Kristen Prestrud, Norway (27)
Education and communication: how can international collaboration improve education and communication within and across stakeholder groups [especially between veterinarians and breeders]; using the example of antimicrobial resistance. Gilles Chaudieu, France; Jason Stull, USA (13)
Behavior and welfare: how can we better integrate actions to address issues in welfare, behavior and health in breeding and raising dogs? Nathalie Marlois, France; Patricia Olson, USA; Caroline Kisko, UK (15)
IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs: an international, multi-stakeholder initiative to address selection, evaluation and application of genetic testing. Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, USA; Brenda Bonnett, Canada (34)
Show me the numbers: integrating information from various sources for prevalence, risks and other population-level information; latest national and international strategies to collect data and disseminate information. Dan O’Neill, UK; Sylvia Keijser, The Netherlands; Sofia Malm, Sweden (14)