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Fig. 4

From: Heterozygosity testing and multiplex DNA panel screening as a potential tool to monitor health and inbreeding in a small, closed dog population

Fig. 4

Von Willebrand’s Factor protein concentration and genotype correlation in the Dutch Shepherd Dog. Correlation between Von Willebrand’s Factor protein concentrations in blood (median shown in red) and Von Willebrand’s Disease genotype (G/G = wildtype (n = 9), G/A = heterozygous carrier (n = 8), A/A = homozygous mutant (n = 2)), in 19 Dutch Shepherd Dogs. No significant difference in protein concentration was found when the three groups were compared (Kruskal-Wallis test, p = 0.07). Comparing the wildtype group with the other two groups combined showed a significant difference in protein concentration (Mann-Whitney U test, p = 0.03)

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