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Table 1 Comparing scores for 21 behavioural traits in 225 Labrador retrievers based on coat colour

From: Association between coat colour and the behaviour of Australian Labrador retrievers

Behaviour TraitP
Agitated when ignored0.150
Attachment/Attention-seeking behaviour0.064
Chasing behaviour0.550
Dog-directed aggression0.323
Dog-directed fear0.336
Energy levels0.518
Familiar dog aggression0.013
Licking behaviour0.311
Mounting behaviour0.866
Noise fear0.408
Non-social fear0.130
Owner-directed aggression0.224
Separation-related behaviour0.608
Stranger-directed aggression0.961
Stranger-directed fear0.062
Touch sensitivity0.543
Unusual behaviours0.666
  1. P: chi-square probability using Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric test to compare black, yellow and chocolate Labradors
  2. Probability in bold typeface indicates P <0.05