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Table 3 Comparing scores for 21 behavioural traits in 63 genotyped Labrador retrievers using Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric test

From: Association between coat colour and the behaviour of Australian Labrador retrievers

Behaviour TraitP - colourP - TYRP1P- MC1R
Agitated when ignored0.6570.9610.535
Attachment/Attention-seeking behaviour0.6730.3470.331
Chasing behaviour0.4160.5280.797
Dog-directed aggression0.9220.9540.990
Dog-directed fear0.3730.1860.740
Energy levels0.6670.5270.763
Familiar dog aggression0.0400.1300.029
Licking behaviour0.4860.7470.620
Mounting behaviour0.6830.7830.858
Noise fear0.3970.2760.892
Non-social fear0.3020.1720.913
Owner-directed aggression0.1830.4060.243
Separation-related behaviour0.9810.9350.857
Stranger-directed aggression0.6980.5420.515
Stranger-directed fear0.2490.1330.243
Touch sensitivity0.5450.7300.497
Unusual behaviours0.3280.5440.431
  1. P - colour: chi-square probability comparing black, yellow and chocolate Labradors
  2. P - TYRP1 genotype: chi-square probability comparing BB, Bb and bb genotype
  3. P - MC1R: genotype: chi-square probability comparing EE, Ee and ee genotype
  4. Probability in bold typeface indicates P <0.05