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Table 6 Disease-associated genes in the consensus ROHs. Disease and disease candidate genes that are located in the consensus ROHs of the Dalmatians are depicted. Other genes that are located in the 13 consensus ROH are also given. The start and end of consensus ROHs in base pairs and the length of consensus ROH in base pairs comply to the detection of consensus ROH with the 10 SNP threshold

From: Demographic assessment of the Dalmatian dog – effective population size, linkage disequilibrium and inbreeding coefficients

ChromosomeStart (bp)End (bp)Length of consensus ROH in beadchip SNPsLength of consensus ROH in bpGenes that are located in the consensus ROHAssociated diseases of those genes
123,754,22624,443,34355689.117MEX3C, SMAD4, ELAC1, ME2, MRO, RF00001, MC2R, MC5R, ENSCAFG00000032822Glaucoma (SMAD4), Idiopathic epilepsy (ME2)
367,712,99767,855,18113142.184ENSCAFG00000033564, ENSCAFG00000036945, ENSCAFG00000037957
367,876,48768,200,00329323.516ENSCAFG00000033306, ENSCAFG00000033607
369,068,00769,485,60438417.597CLNK, ZNF518B, SLC2A9, WDR1, ENSCAFG00000039826, ENSCAFG00000033935Diabetes mellitus, entropion, hyperuricosuria (SLC2A9)
438,457,63238,587,64315130.011NSG2, ENSCAFG00000032093
133,182,6193,330,77513148.156GRHL2, ENSCAFG00000030800Deafness (GRHL2)
1735,638,03535,834,51617196.481BCL2L11, ENSCAFG00000036821, ENSCAFG00000007091Deafness (BCL2L11)
1735,861,41135,861,41111ENSCAFG00000035515, ENSCAFG00000040340
1739,631,74139,800,89718169.156CAPG, ELMOD3, RETSAT, TCF7L1, ENSCAFG00000024531Deafness (ELMOD3)
2434,585,14234,731,79612146.654NCOA3, ENSCAFG00000035729, ENSCAFG00000010850