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Table 1 Six overall themes for the 4th International Dog Health Workshop in 2019 in Windsor, UK

From: Moving from information and collaboration to action: report from the 4th international dog health workshop, Windsor in May 2019

Theme Session leader(s) (number of participants)
The Concept of “Breed” Helena Skarp, Sweden; Astrid Indrebo, Norway [14]
Supply and Demand Gareth Arnott, Nothern Ireland; Sarah Ross, Germany; James Stephens, Ireland; Candace Croney, USA [11]
Breed-Specific Health Strategies Ian Seath, UK; Gregoire Leroy, France [18]
Genetic Testing for Dogs Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, USA; Brenda Bonnett, Canada; Claire Wade, Australia; Sue Pearce-Kelling, USA [27]
Exaggerations and Extremes in Dog Conformation Ake Hedhammar, Sweden; Tamzin Furtado, UK; Pekka Olson, Sweden [22]