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Table 2 The breeds forming the convex hull of the distribution of search frequency and breed size. Tag – breed abbreviation used in Fig. 4a; Registered Dams – census size of the breed, measured by the number of unique registered dams over the period of study; Searches in Mate Select – total searches for the breed; Searches/Bitch – the average number of searches per registered dam; EBV-Track – availability of EBVs by the end of study period

From: The usage of Mate Select, a web-based selection tool for pedigree dogs for promoting sustainable breeding

Breed Tag Registered Dams Searches in Mate Select Searches/Dam EBV-Track
Otterhound OTTER 40 3572 89.30 No
Norwegian Buhund NBUH 27 2650 98.15 No
Ibizan Hound IBIZN 10 68 6.80 No
Turkish Kangal Dog KAN 10 5 0.50 No
Russian Toy RUSKY 13 5 0.38 No
Wire Fox Terrier WFT 757 19 0.03 No
French Bulldog FB 18,119 13,105 0.72 No
Labrador Retriever LR 26,723 115,451 4.32 Yes
Bearded Collie BEARD 378 15,907 42.08 Yes