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Table 2 Summary of the eA phenotypes

From: Comprehensive genetic testing combined with citizen science reveals a recently characterized ancient MC1R mutation associated with partial recessive red phenotypes in dog

E locus K locus A locus Expected phenotype (in the absence of eA) Observed eA phenotype Number of observed dogs
eA/eA or eA/e1 KB/* ay/− black (or brindle) fawn 5
  KB/* at/− black (or brindle) tan point/saddle tan 1
  KB/* aw/− black (or brindle) wolf sable 1
eA/eA or eA/e1 ky/ky ay/− fawn cream/fawn domino 4
  ky/ky aw/− wolf sable wolf sable domino 40
  ky/ky at/− tan point domino/pied/grizzle/red 12
  ky/ky a/a recessive black wolf sable/tan point 7
E/eA any any various none 39
EM/eA any any various none 16
EG/eA any any various no available phenotypes no observed dogs