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Table 6 Association of CTLA4 polymorphisms with hypoadrenocorticism in springer spaniels. Markers are as Table 3, 5′ to 3′ order from top to bottom SNPs and then indels. MAF: minor allele frequency; NaN: not a number; N/A: not calculable; OR: odds ratio; 95% CI: 95% confidence intervals of the OR; Max (T) p value calculated by permutation analysis; FDR: false discovery rate

From: Polymorphisms in the CTLA4 promoter sequence are associated with canine hypoadrenocorticism

MarkerMinor alleleMAF in casesMAF in controlsMax (T)
p value
FDROR (95% CI)
SNP1A0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP2A0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP3A00.008110 (0 - NaN)
SNP4A0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP5A0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP6A0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP7G0.5350.3150.0080.034622.5 (1.29–4.82)
SNP9A0.4820.2980.0270.034622.19 (1.13–4.23)
SNP10G0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP12T0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP13T0.1250.140110.87 (0.33–2.26)
SNP14C0.50.3500.0710.073471.85 (0.96–3.54)
SNP15C0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP16G0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
SNP18G00.008110 (0 - NaN)
SNP19A0.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
indel20.50.3150.0260.034622.16 (1.12–4.17)
indel30.3750.5430.0310.05710.50 (0.26–0.96)