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Table 2 Total number of variants affecting protein in extracellular and intracellular TLRs

From: Non-synonymous genetic variation in exonic regions of canine Toll-like receptors

Canine gene ENSEMBL protein ID Protein length (aa) AA change ratio a
Extracellular TLRs    
TLR1 ENSCAFP00000032660 790 1/113
TLR2 ENSCAFP00000012269 785 1/196
TLR4 ENSCAFP00000031395 833 1/69
TLR5 ENSCAFP00000016726 1422 1/53
TLR6 ENSCAFP00000023836 797 1/199
TLR10 ENSCAFP00000023840 807 1/269
Intracellular TLRs    
TLR3 ENSCAFP00000011004 905 1/905
TLR7 ENSCAFP00000017193 1121 1/374
TLR8 ENSCAFP00000031505 1038 1/260
TLR9 ENSCAFP00000030804 1032 1/129
  1. Variants from CanFam 3.1 have been added to variants identified by massive sequencing in this table. aAA change ratio: aminoacid changes caused by nsSNPs or frameshift mutations divided by the length of the protein in aminoacids.