Open call for submissions to tackle global dog health and welfare challenges

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The Editors of Canine Genetics and Epidemiology are calling for submissions to help tackle global challenges in canine health and welfare, under the following key themes: 

Epidemiological analysis of longitudinal dog health and phenotype databases
Longitudinal studies of canine health or behavior are particularly important to identify and monitor disease/disorder risk factors over time

Genetic analysis of canine conditions representing homologues of human diseases
As a spontaneous model of numerous heritable human diseases, dogs provide an excellent system for disease gene studies which in turn can inform treatments and therapies for both dogs and humans. 

Genetic and epidemiological analysis of physical or behavioral  ‘hypertypes’
Extreme phenotypes (morphological or behavioral) may have a considerable impact on the individual dog’s health and welfare. Understanding the extent of these hypertypes within the breed and population as a whole, is necessary to determine their global impact and identification of the genes involved in causing such ‘hypertypes’ is necessary to inform breeding strategies for health. 

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