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Table 5 SNPs in different breeds that are not in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (p < 0.05)

From: Non-synonymous genetic variation in exonic regions of canine Toll-like receptors

Breed Canine gene AA change SNP Genotypes a p-value SNP prediction b
Yorkshire TLR10 T361M C/T 1/1/9 0.0416978 Prob. damaging
Yorkshire TLR10 M592V A/G 1/1/9 0.0416978 Benign
French B. TLR4 V82M G/A 4/2/8 0.0099493 Pos. damaging
French B. TLR4 H200Q C/A 6/1/7 0.0013535 Pos. damaging*
French B. TLR4 K230E A/G 6/1/7 0.0013535 Benign
French B. TLR5 S177N G/A 0/11/3 0.0154748 Benign
  1. agenotypes, indicate genotype count for reference homozygotes, heterozygotes and alternative homozygotes. bSNP prediction, using Polyphen-2 classification. *possibly damaging when reference allele is tested as alternative in the SNP.