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Table 1 Characteristics of five canine UC cell lines

From: A cultured approach to canine urothelial carcinoma: molecular characterization of five cell lines

Cell Line ID Initial passage Breed Sex Average chromosome # Specific structural changes
K9TCC-PU-An (TCC2) p3 Scottish Terrier FS 131.6 TD(10,36), t(36;38),f(13;13)
K9TCC-PU-In (TCC6) p1 German Shepherd FS 103.3 TD(10,36), f(13;13)
K9TCC-PU-Mx (TCC5) p5 German Shepherd FS 134.6 TD(10,36)
K9TCC-PU-Sh (TCC4) p6 Collie FS 105.5 TD(36,38), t(36;38),
K9TCC (TCC3) p14 Mixed Breed FS 76.2 TD(10)
  1. Five cell lines, derived from primary biopsy specimens, were evaluated in this study. Cell line identifier, initial passage number, breed, and sex (FS female spayed) are shown. Chromosomes from metaphase spreads (n = 30) of each cell line were counted to determine an average chromosome number. Recurrent structural changes identified by FISH evaluation are shown (TD tandem duplication, t translocation, f fusion)