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Table 2 Regions chosen for FISH validation of oaCGH

From: A cultured approach to canine urothelial carcinoma: molecular characterization of five cell lines

BAC address Region probed Fluorochrome oaCGH-called aberration
326 N03 chr1:35846825-36021610 Red Loss
307I06 chr6:49193262-49385361 Green Loss
326H08 chr10:13936488-14128322 Cy5 Amplification
126 F01 chr12:52174704-52401789 Gold Loss
186 J06 chr13:38344516-38552798 Aqua Gain
332 N02 chr19:31345273-31534341 Red Loss
313D22 chr21:5212350-5387435 Green Loss
307D14 ch33:5409680-5589439 Red Loss
199 F16 chr36:7057670-7276062 Cy5 Amplification
328D10 chr38:25164963-25365710 Gold Amplification
326 L05 chr11:20496757-20706739 Aqua Neutral
  1. Ten BAC clones were selected to probe regions shown to be highly aberrant in the cell lines (>50 % penetrant). A copy number neutral region on CFA11 was chosen as an internal control to ensure correct interpretation of relative locus copy number. The BAC address, genomic location (CanFam2.0 assembly), and associated fluorochrome for each probe are shown