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Table 1 Demographic and clinical data of dogs selected for exome sequencing (N = 8)

From: Lumbosacral stenosis in Labrador retriever military working dogs – an exomic exploratory study

Characteristic CT LS negative CT LS positive
Age (Average) 1, 1, 2, 3 (1.75) 3, 4, 4, 5 (4)
Sex 4 F 4 M
Mean weight 24.05 31.75
LBP status 3 E, 1 N 2 E, 2 N
Coat color 3 B, 1 Y 3 B, 1 Y
Work status 2 BR, 2 ITa 2 IT, 1 TA, 1 HHb
  1. The demographic and clinical data of the 8 Labrador retriever military working dogs selected for exome sequencing representing LS negative and LS positive groups (based on qualitative CT diagnosis of lumbosacral stenosis by licensed veterinary radiologist)
  2. aDenotes former breeders (BR) that were spayed and placed in training (IT)
  3. bDenotes hospital hold (HH) for T. cruzi infection (medical condition unrelated to LS)
  4. Legend: CT computed tomography, LS lumbosacral stenosis, M male, F female, LBP low back pain, LBP status “E” equivocal, LBP status “N” no, B black coat color, Y yellow coat color, BR breeder, IT In-Training, TA training aide, HH hospital hold