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Table 6 Information about the 313 cases of IVDH

From: Neuter status as a risk factor for canine intervertebral disc herniation (IVDH) in dachshunds: a retrospective cohort study

Information provided by the owner within the questionnaire Number of dogs % of total cases
Who diagnosed the condition? Primary care vet 111 35.5%
Referral vet 196 62.6%
Diagnosed at surgerya 6 1.9%
Total 313  
Clinical signs Pain and discomfort, able to walk, not “weak and wobbly” 21 6.7%
Able to walk but “weak and wobbly” 67 21.4%
Unable to walk 213 68.1%
Clinical signs not stated 2 0.6%
Total 313  
  1. a6 dogs were reported by the owner not to have had a veterinary diagnosis, but clinical signs resolved following spinal surgery