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Table 2 Results of inbreeding measures calculation. The results are stated separately for the genotyped animals and for the reference population with all animals in the pedigree of the same birth years as the genotyped animals. The complete pedigree size amounts to 25.761 animals

From: Demographic assessment of the Dalmatian dog – effective population size, linkage disequilibrium and inbreeding coefficients

 Population born from 1995 to 2015Beadchip Sample
Number of animals18,061313
Mean F0.0350.026
Mean equivalent generations7.467.49
Mean FIS0.0160.017
Number of ancestors446181
Effective number of ancestors5955
Number of ancestors explaining 50% of genetic diversity2220
Number of founders797498
Effective number of founders158135
Ne by individual increase in inbreeding (realized Ne)92.87 ± 13.29116.16 ± 14.93
Mean generation interval in years4.334.54