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Table 3 Medical and dietary interventions besides corticosteroids prior to cholestyramine treatment

From: Cholestyramine treatment in two dogs with presumptive bile acid diarrhoea: a case report

Immunosuppressanta Case 1 Case 2
 Cyclosporine (Cyclance vet; Virbac, Kolding, Denmark) 5 mg/kg q 24 h N/A
 Cyclosporine (Modulis Vet; Ceva, Lund, Sweden) N/A 5 mg/kg q 24 h
 Mycophenolate (Myfenax; Teva, Haarlem, the Netherlands) 10 mg/kg q 12 h N/A
 Metronidazole (Flagyl; Sanofi, Stockholm, Sweden) 10 mg/kg q 24 h 15 mg/kg q 24 h
Miscellaneous drugs
 Loperamide (Imodium; McNeil, Solna, Sweden) 0.08 mg/kg q 12 h 0.1 mg/kg q 12 h
 Olsalazine (Dipentum; Pharmanovia, Basildon, Great Britain) 10 mg/kg q 12 h 15 mg/kg q 12 h
Pro-and prebiotics
 Mixed pre- and probiotic (Pro-fibre; Protexin vet) 15 g q 12 h 15 g q 12 h
 Single strain probiotic (Fortiflora; Purina) N/A 1 sachet q 24 h
 Multistrain probiotic (Sivomixx; Ormendes) 1 sachet q 24 h 1 sachet q 24 h
 Psyllium (Vi-Siblin; Meda) 30 ml q 12 h N/A
 KD hydrolyzed protein diet (RC Hypoallergenic soy and rice) Y Y
 KD hydrolyzed protein diet (Purina HA soy and corn) Y Y
 KD hydrolyzed protein diet (Hill’s Z/D chicken and rice) N/A Y
 KD hydrolyzed protein diet (Specific CDD-HY salmon and rice) N/A Y
 KD single protein (RC Sensitivity control duck and tapioca) Y N/A
 KD single protein (Hill’s D/D salmon and rice) Y N/A
 KD fibre rich (Hill’s Gastrointestinal Biome Digestive) Y N/A
Faecal Microbial Transplantation as rectal enema
 Treatments 1 3
  1. aadd-on immunosupressants were given one at a time, N/A not applicable, KD kibble diet, Y dietary trial performed, RC Royal Canin