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Collaborating Partner - The International Partnership for Dogs

The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) is a non-profit organization, with a mission to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of pedigreed dogs and all dogs worldwide. 

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology and IPFD share a common goal of working towards the optimal health and welfare of dogs, and are committed to working towards this together, through collaboration and sharing of evidence-based information on dog health and welfare.   

New Content Item is the internet platform of the IPFD and functions as an information hub, providing links and additional resources to breeders and others in the dog world.  

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IFPD News - The 3rd International Dog Health workshop

The IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop was hosted by the French Kennel Club in Paris on 21-23 April 2017. 

The workshop hosted international decision-leaders and researchers in dog health and welfare, including breeders, kennel club health advisors, communication experts, veterinarians; researchers; industry and welfare organisation representatives, and more.  

The Key Themes of the meeting included: 

Breed-Specific Health Strategies: By breed, nationally and internationally

Exaggerations And Extremes In Dog Conformation: Health, welfare and breeding considerations; latest national and international efforts

IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative: Selection, evaluation and application of genetic testing

Behaviour and Welfare: How can we better integrate concepts of welfare, behaviour and health in breeding and raising dogs?

Education and Communication - Antimicrobial Resistance/ Prudent Use of Antibiotics: How can international collaboration support education and communication within and across stakeholder groups?

Show Me The Numbers: Integrating information from various sources for prevalence, risks and other population-level information

For pre- and post- meeting resources, visit the Dog WellNet website. 

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